Competition format

New to Eurovision Young Musicians 2014 was the ‘pre-round’ concept, which replaced the semifinal stage that was used in 2012.


In the pre-round, each of the contestants will performed a longer, 15-minute program. The jury was watching and judging the performances, however the scores remained secret. This is not a semifinal, though, so none of the acts left the competition after the pre-round.

The idea of this concept is that it allows the participants more time to show their musical expertise before the grand final, and allows them to perform a longer set of pieces.

For 2014, the pre-round shows took place over two days. The participants were split as follows:

Monday 26 May:

Tuesday 27 May:

  1. Norway

  2. Croatia

  3. Malta

  4. Hungary

  5. Slovenia

  6. Austria

  7. Netherlands

  1. Poland

  2. Portugal

  3. Greece

  4. Germany

  5. Sweden

  6. Czech Republic

  7. Moldova

Grand final

This year’s grand final took place on Saturday 31 May, live from Cologne.

Each of the 14 participants performed a five minute piece, which was also judged by the jury. After all of the performances, the jury considered their scores from both the pre-round and final performances of each participant, before deciding on their winner.

Prizes were be awarded to the first, second, and third placed participants.

You can re-watch all of the shows by clicking: here.

Watch online!

You can watch both of the pre-round shows, and the grand final LIVE here on on our WebTV.

Cologne 2014

Eurovision Young Musicians 2014 took place in Cologne, Germany, on 31 May at the Roncalliplatz!

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