The grand final venue

The final of Eurovision Young Musicians 2016 was broadcast live from the renowned Roncalliplatz in the heart of Cologne.

The stage was set in front of Cologne's iconic Cathedral, providing a spectacular outdoor setting for the competition. The building was originally started in the mid-1200s, although work was halted in 1473 until the 19th century. It was completed in 1880.

This year’s venue follows a string of the spectacular backdrops for Eurovision Young Musicians which was held in front of Vienna’s Rathaus in 2012 and this very same place in Cologne two years ago.

You can see images from the 2014 final in our gallery, by clicking: here.

Cologne 2016

Eurovision Young Musicians 2016 took place in Cologne, Germany, on 3 September at the Roncalliplatz. You can re-watch the show here.

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