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Eurovision Young Musicians 2012 (Semi-Final)
Artist Zacharias Fotis
Final piece Concerto, K 622, 2nd mov. Adagio by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Country Greece
Broadcaster ERT | national website


# Contest Participant Instrument Pieces Place
07 Eurovision Young Musicians 2012 (Semi-Final)
Saturday, May 5, 2012
Zacharias Fotis Clarinet To be announced  

About Zacharias Fotis

Zacharias Fotis was chosen to represent Grewece in Eurovision Young Musicians through a national selection organised by broadcaster ERT in March. He will play the clarinet in Vienna this year.

Born in Athens, Zacharias Fotis started practicing the clarinet at the age of fourteen at Pallini’s Music High School with Mrs Lioudaki Katerina. Since 2011 he has been studying at the Musicological department of Athens University and continues to study the clarinet at the Raimondi Conservatory. He is a member of the Athens Symphonic Youth Orchestra as well as the Youth Radio Symphony Orchestra of Athens, and he has played as a soloist under the baton of Mr. Sergiou and Mrs. Patricidou.

In 2010 he won first prize at the 2nd International Music Competition “The Muse Junior” on Santorini and in 2012 he was awarded scholarship of ‘”Yamaha Music Foundation” in Athens. Last year, Zacharias Fotisparticipated in Clarinet Master classes with Alessandro Carbonare.