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Eurovision Young Musicians 2012 (Semi-Final)
Artist Blaž Šparovec
Final piece Concert for the clarinet, 4th mov. Allegrissimo by Jean René Désiré Françaix
Semi final pieces
  • Premiere Rhapsodie by Claude Debussy
  • Clair 1 by Franco Donatoni
Country Slovenia
Broadcaster RTVSLO


# Contest Participant Instrument Pieces Place
01 Eurovision Young Musicians 2012 (Semi-Final)
Saturday, May 5, 2012
Blaž Šparovec Clarinet
  1. Premiere Rhapsodie by Claude Debussy
  2. Clair 1 by Franco Donatoni

About Blaž Šparovec

Born on 20th April 1994, Blaž Šparovec began to learn to play the clarinet with Professor Luka Kemperle at the Radovljica Music School. Displaying an early interest in the instrument, he decided to continue his studies in Professor Andrej Zupan’s class at the Ljubljana Conservatory of Music and Ballet. his knowledge and skills have led to him collaborating with well-established clarinet players such as Wenzel Fuchs and Nick Kückmeier. He has also collaborated with the young Slovenian composer, Anže Rozman, who wrote a composition especially for him.

Since 2004, Blaž has participated in many national and international competitions. At the Slovenian Music Competition for Youth (TEMSIG) of 2004, 2007, and 2010, he won gold plaques, one second and one third place, as well as a silver plaque as a member of a chamber ensemble. He won first prize at the 2009 Davorin Jenko International Competition in Belgrade, Serbia. In the same year he also won second prize at the Carlino International Competition. In 2010, Blaž Šparovec received a golden award for first place in his category at the international UPOL Svirél Competition, and went on to win the first prize at the international competition, Concorso Internazionale Per Giovani Strumentisti in Povoletto, Italy, where he was invited to join the European CEI Youth Orchestra on two concert tours in the summer and autumn of 2010.

In the autumn of 2011, Blaž gave a concert on the stage of Ljubljana Križanke under the umbrella of the Musical Youth of Ljubljana society, and took part in the Hülsta International Woodwind Competition following a selection based on CD recordings, where he qualified among the best 14 of 170 competitors under the age of 27.