Flag of Czech RepublicCzech Republic 2014

Eurovision Young Musicians 2014 (Final)
Artist Martin Kot
Final piece Flick-Flack by Albert Vossen
Semi final pieces
  • Flick-Flack by Albert Vossen
Country Czech Republic
Broadcaster ČT


# Contest Participant Instrument Pieces Place
13 Eurovision Young Musicians 2014 (Final)
Saturday, May 31, 2014
Martin Kot Accordion Flick-Flack by Albert Vossen -

About Martin Kot

Martin Kot is one of the youngest contestants in this year’s competition, having been born just 12 years ago on 14 July 2002. Hailing from Zlín in the Czech Republic, his mother is a teacher and father an electrical engineer.

Martin began playing the accordion in 2008, taking lessons at the Rudolf Firkušný School of Music in Napajedla. He has excelled, and is now a fifth grade student with excellent results, under the teaching of Petra Strašáková who has been with him since the beginning.

There are a whole host of prizes that Martin proudly has to his name, a very large number of which are first placings both in his homeland and abroad. Outside of the Czech Republic, Martin won the 2013 International Accordion Competition in Pula, Croatia last April, and finished fourth at a similar competition in Przemysl, Poland.

In 2014, Martin has already won the VI. Winter Olympic Games for Children and Youth of the Czech Republic, which was held in January.

Martin’s hobbies include learning both English and German, as well as playing sports and travelling.