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Eurovision Young Musicians 2016
Artist Eliot Nordqvist
Final piece Concerto No. 2 in G minor, op. 22, Andante Sostenuto by Camille Saint-Saëns
Country Sweden
Broadcaster SVT | national website


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05 Eurovision Young Musicians 2016
Saturday, September 3, 2016
Eliot Nordqvist Piano Concerto No. 2 in G minor, op. 22, Andante Sostenuto by Camille Saint-Saëns -

About Eliot Nordqvist

Eliot Nordqvist was born in Stockholm on 5 March 1999, and began playing the piano and reading music at the age of four - thanks initially to his mother, and later teacher Kristina Reznikov.

Aged eight he began writing his own compositions, and later studied composition under Professor Lars Ekström. He currently studies piano under the guidance of Elena Power, Professor Staffan Scheja, and Michael Endres. Eliot also studies guitar with Mårten Falk and conducting taught by Mark Tatlow. Ulrich Kaatz has been his mentor since 2015.

As a musician Eliot has gradually released his works through different concerts and social media.

Eliot has also won various awards, including third prize at the Steinway festival in Stockholm (2010) and Copenhagen (2012), third prize and first prize in piano at the Stockholm International Music Competition (SIMC 2012 & 2014), first prize in guitar performances 2012 & 2014 and a composition award for interpretation and best performance of contemporary music at SIMC 2012. At the age of twelve he received "Mai von Rosen Scholarship award" from The Royal Swedish Academy of Music - and won the Polstjärnepriset at the age of fifteen. Notably, in all these competitions Eliot has performed at least one of his own compositions. In 2015 he won the Polstjärnepriset competition and the right to represent Sweden in Eurovision Young Musicians.