"The technical ability of our participants this year was exceptionally high" - Prof. Dr. Hellsberg

"The technical ability of our participants this year was exceptionally high" - Prof. Dr. Hellsberg
Professor Dr. Clemens Hellsberg chaired the jury of five classical music professionals
Vienna, Austria -

Two weekends ago, a professional jury of music experts chose Ziyu He as the winner of Eurovision Young Musicians 2014. They also awarded second prize to Urban Stanič, and third place to Gergely Devich.

The head of the jury in Cologne was Professor Dr. Clemens Hellsberg, who is also the Chairman of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. He and the other four jurors scored the performances of the 14 contestants, in both the pre-round and grand final, in order to decide the winner.

The pre-round was an important part of the competition” explains Professor Dr. Hellsberg. “Here we saw each participant play a 15 minutes repertoire, and we were able to see the depths of their musical talents.”

Each juror scored the performances out of 10 individually in both shows, so with five jurors awarding a mark out of 10 the maximum score one participant could get would be 50 in the pre-round, and 50 in the final. “The technical ability of our participants this year was exceptionally high, which made judging very difficult”, Professor Dr. Hellsberg continues. “It is important to remember that the final result was an equal combination of both the pre-round and grand final performances, which was 20 minutes of performance time in total, and not simply one or other of the performances.”

We also have to be very careful to judge the musicians as we see them in front of us. We do not judge their potential in two, five, or even 10 years’ time, but the level they are performing at now. This is very difficult, because with so many of the participants this year one could see that they have enormous potential to develop into first class musicians as they mature.”

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