Two years on: with Vassilis Digos

Two years on: with Vassilis Digos
Vassilis performs in Cologne (Photo: EBU / Elena Volotova)
Athens -

Greece returned to Eurovision Young Musicians in 2014, and although broadcaster ERT won't be taking part this time around their participant from 2014 found the experience one of the best of his life.

"I have the best memories from EYM 2014. For me it was a great moment that my guitar competed other instruments that they have bigger tradition in participating with orchestras. Also, it is the best competition that the best musicians participate in," says Vassilis Digos, who was one of two guitarists in Cologne. "Beyond the music part, I made a lot of new friends, who apart from from being great musicians are great people as well."

What did Vassilis gain from taking part in the event? "More musicians have learned about me from outside of just guitarists. I had more invitations to give recitals and masterclasses, from organizers of festivals in various countries in Europe," he tells us. "But the greatest thing is my participation in the finals of the competition, that I played the Concerto in Re by M. C. Tedesco with a wonderful orchestra and an excellent conductor. Also, being watced by million of people live is the biggest help for a soloist."

"After having a short break I recorded a CD at the studio of Greek National Radio and WDR of Germany. Lot of composers have written compositions for me, which I play in my recitals," continues Vassilis. "They also asked me to compose music for guitar that will be published by a well known publisher. Also, very important are the recitals that I give around Europe."

We know form a previous article that Vassilis and Kurt are still good friends, but is he still i contact with other participants? "Yes, I am still in contact with everyone, I always keep in touch with all of my music friends. They are all a part of my music life. On this occasion I would like to send to all of them my greetings."

Lastly, what would Vassilis say to those taking part in Cologne this year? To have fun, because a competition or a concert is a celebration and a meeting with friends!"

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