"I'm really proud to represent Germany" - Raul Maria Dignola

"I'm really proud to represent Germany" - Raul Maria Dignola
Raul will play the French Horn in Cologne (Photo: ps-art/Raul Maria Dignola)

There are only a few weeks to go before Eurovision Young Musicians 2016 takes place in Cologne on 3rd September. Over the coming weeks we will be profiling each of the participating musicians. Raul Maria Dognola will represent the host country, Germany.

The 16-year old, who was born in Italy but moved to Germany when he was six, was chosen by a jury of musical experts. Raul is the first participant to play the horn in the competition since 1988. Raul made his debut at the age of 6 in Hamburg's Straatsoper. "I played the son of Otello and Desdemona in Verdi's opera Otello. After that, there were many performances with the children's choir and of course, even more concerts when I started to play the French horn".

Unsurprisingly Raul takes a keen interest in the world of classical music. "I never get enough of Bach and Mozart. My favourite "band" is MusicAeterna, conducted by Theodor Currentzis. Their music is so special and simply fantastic". Raul's favourite book is an Italian cookery book, La pasta su misura; "I use it very often" he says.

As the competition draws closer, Raul is looking forward to the experience. "I'm really proud to represent Germany in the contest and I am very excited about that". To find out more about Raul, visit his participant profile.

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