"I would like to travel to Paris" - Marko Martinović

"I would like to travel to Paris" - Marko Martinović
Photograph: Dinko Bažulić
Zagreb, Croatia -

Croatia first participated in Eurovision Young Musicians back in 1994, achieving its best ever placing, second, in the 1998 competition. This year 14 year old Marko Martinović will represent his country in Cologne, playing the tamburica.

Marko was born in Novska, Croatia in 2001 and made his performance debut in 2008 at a school concert. He lists Mozart as his favourite composer and folk singer Zvonko Bogdan as his favourite performer. When it comes to performing Marko reveals that his dream venue to perform in is one which is close to home. "I would like to perform with my teacher Filip Novosel at the Lisinski hall in Zagreb".

Like many of the young musicians in the competition, Marko is incredibly honoured to represent his country on the international stage. "Winning the national selection and becoming the Croatian candidate at Eurovision Young Musicians 2016 has been my most joyful experience", he says. Marko's choice of travel destination is the French capital Paris. "I want to see the Eiffel Tower and other famous buildings and museums", he added.

Read more about Marko in his participant profile.

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