Final rehearsals for Eurovision Young Musicians 2016 take place in Cologne

Final rehearsals for Eurovision Young Musicians 2016 take place in Cologne
Cologne's Roncalliplatz will again play host to Eurovision Young Musicians (Photo: EBU / Elena Volotova)
Cologne, Germany -

The final rehearsals for Eurovision Young Musicians are taking place ahead of the Grand Final which will be broadcast tomorrow evening at 20:00. All week the participants have been practicing with WDR's orchestra and tonight the final dress rehearsal will take place.

The competitors have had two chances to rehearse today; a general one during the course of the afternoon and a full dress rehearsal in the evening where our Young Musicians will wear the clothes they will perform in. This provides them with an opportunity to ensure that their outfits do not restrict their movements or ability to perform to the best of their ability. The professional jury will not watch this rehearsal and will judge the performances on their own merit during the Grand Final tomorrow evening.

Earlier today the performers were in good spirits and looking forward to the dress rehearsal. Croatian representative Marko Martinović said "It's the first time for me doing an event like this, I'm happy to perform in another country". Both Eliot Nordqvist from Sweden and Robert Bílý from the Czech Republic are both looking forward to performing with WDR's orchestra. Check out our video of all the participants below:

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Each of the performers have chosen their respective musical pieces for personal reasons. Most of the musicians have also been accompanied by their teachers, ensuring that they can make the most of any final opportunities to perfect their performances. Tomorrow evening anyone can come and enjoy the concert in Roncalliplatz, in front of Cologne's stunning cathedral.

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You can find backstage photographs from the afternoon rehearsal in our press photo gallery. The Grand Final of Eurovision Young Musicians takes place at 20:00 CET on Saturday 3rd September. You can watch the show live on

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