Finalists Have First Full Rehearsal

Finalists Have First Full Rehearsal
The Stage by Day

This evening the first general rehearsal took place, giving each of the seven finalists a chance to see the open-air stage in a live environment for the first time.

After their orchestra rehearsals earlier in the week, tonight was the first time that the seven finalists performed in the order that they will on Friday evening. It was also the first time that they performed on the stage as it will be for the final- at night, open-air, and in front of a live audience.

Each artist was warmly welcomed by the small crowd that had gathered to watch the show in the Rathausplatz. Just like the final on Friday, it is free to watch and anyone can attend by just walking up to the stage area. The performers were also given instructions on how they entered the stage, walk in time with their entrance music, and how they should leave after their performances.

We will also bring you backstage interviews with the performers from their rehearsals over the course of today and tomorrow.

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