Date Decided: Young Musicians 2016 on 3 September

Date Decided: Young Musicians 2016 on 3 September
Cologne's Roncalliplatz will again play host to Eurovision Yong Musicians (Photo: EBU / Elena Volotova)
Berlin, Germany -

The date for Eurovision Young Musicians 2016 was decided at a meeting last week.

Member of the Young Musicians Steering Group gathered in Berlin to discuss several items concering next year's competition, among others the date it will take place. The final decision was that Eurovision Young Musicians 2016 will be help on the evening of Saturday 3 September in Cologne - which was previously announced as the host city.

Host broadcaster WDR has also decided that they will again use the Roncalliplatz as the venue, situated in front of the iconic Cologne Cathedral.

Further details of the 2016 competition, such as tweaks to the format, will be announced at a later date when they are finalised!

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  • Posted on 21 March 2016 at 08:45

    To whom it may concern,

    What is the requirement to apply for that? Who can play there?

    Your reply is so much appreciated, thanks for your time.

    Silvia report to the moderator