Day One - Group Rehearsal

Day One - Group Rehearsal
Our Young Musicians Rehearsing with Mark Adair (Photo: Elena Volotova/EBU)
Cologne, Germany -

This afternoon our Young Musicians began rehearsing the especially composed group composition with the composer Mark Adair.

This was the first time that our Young Musicians have played together as a unified ensemble working in what is quite a unique ensemble combining instruments that perhaps one would not see together in a more traditional ensemble.

The rehearsal also was the first opportunity for Mark Adair to have his special composition performed by the gathered group allowing him to interact with our Young Musicians to bring to life a wonderfully original piece.

This dramatic and almost cinematic composition Mark has created utilises motifs that are shared around the instruments and he also employs extended technique particular on the piano and guitar which are played percussively in some sections. Mark has had the chance to work with the group to test out dynamics and to work through his enthralling yet technically difficult passages.

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