First Outside Rehearsals with the Orchestra

First Outside Rehearsals with the Orchestra
Our stage in Roncalliplatz
Cologne, Germany -

Today our contestants have taken to our grand outdoor stage in Roncalliplatz outside Cologne Cathedral to rehearse for the final tomorrow evening.

The competitors have had two chances to rehearse today, a general one in the daytime and a full dress rehearsal in the evening where our Young Musicians will wear the clothes they will perform in to ensure they can have suitable manoeuvrability in their stage garments. They will also get a sense of temperatures for themselves and their instruments and adapt tuning to the varying conditions an outside environment can offer.

Sara from Croatia said that it was wonderful that the sun was shining and that it was better to play outside because she could hear it better. Kurt from Malta was overwhelmed by the experience saying that this setting was amazing the stage was amazing the orchestra was amazing and he was speechless as it was just mind blowing really. Gergely from Hungary thinks that it will be really good on Saturday and that for the final he is a little bit nervous but not much. Urban from Slovenia felt that it is hard to play outside because it is colder and the wind sometimes blows but he thinks they can make it for the final.

Ziyu He from Austria said that he likes the stag, likes to play in front of a lot of people and feels really good about playing for the audience. Bartosz from Poland saw this stage yesterday in the night and thought it a very beautiful stage and very colourful, he is happy to be playing with greatest orchestra and greatest conductor. Livyka from Moldova said she thought that the rehearsal was very very good, the orchestra was amazing, the conductor was wonderful and she’s very very beautiful and it was just wonderful.

Judith from Germany said that she couldn’t open her eyes because it was so sunny but it was fun and she is so looking forward to the final as It’s going to be fun! Albin about tomorrow’s final said that he is pretty cool about it but he guesses he’ll be nervous tomorrow. Martin said that the competition was the first time that he’s played with orchestra so he thinks it was good. Sonoko Miriam said that it was cool to be on the stage and now she can kind of prepare and visualise for tomorrow’s performance.

André said that the acoustic is different he was a little bit scared at first but he know it’s going to be better know and they’re going to work on it and he is concentrating for the final. Vassilis said that It was ok they have to fix the sound for the next rehearsal the sound of guitar needs to be a little louder. Lucie said that it went well she thought it was good to try the stage out of course and to see where you have to stand and the sound also because when they use microphones what you play is a bit weird.

Our Young Musicians also performed the group piece with composer Mark Adair performing it on the outdoor stage for the first time to. A curious crowd gathered to sneak a peek at the performances but tomorrow anyone can come and enjoy the concert in Roncalliplatz.

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