Follow Young Dancers 2013 Live Online!

Follow Young Dancers 2013 Live Online!
A panorama of the host city, Gdańsk
Gdańsk, Poland -

Whilst viewers in this year's ten participating countries will be able to follow Eurovision Young Dancers 2013 on their televisions, viewers outside of these will be able to watch the entire show live on!

If you want to watch this year's Eurovision Young Dancers live show, and don't live in one of the ten participating countries, fear not- the entire show will be avaliable to watch live right here on!

What's more, not only will the entire show be streamed live for you, but you will also be guided through the evening's entertainment by our commentary team of Luke Fisher and Grigor Bazdar. Grigor took part in Eurovision Young Dancers in 2011, representing Croatia, and will give a technical insight on each dance after it is performed.

You will be able to click for live streaming on the day of the final. If you are living in one of the ten participating countries, we'll also let you know where and when you can watch the show as the final draws closer.

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