"I am really excited and proud" - André Gunko

"I am really excited and proud" - André Gunko
André Gunko who will represent Portugal (Photo: T. Kharambura)
Angra do Heroismo, Portugal -

Sixteen year old André Gunko was chosen as Portugal’s 2014 Eurovision Young Musicians representative, having won the ‘Prémio Jovens Músicos’ in 2013. He is the first Portuguese representative to appear in the final of Young Musicians for 20 years.

"I am really excited and proud of representing Portugal in Young Musicians 2014" says André, who lives in the picturesque city of Angra do Heroismo in the Azores. "This is a new and interesting experience for me!"

André started cello lessons when he was six years old, and has gone on to win a string of prizes and competitions both locally and abroad. These successes have seen him play concerts not only in Portugal, but also in Germany and Switzerland as well. So how is he preparing for Cologne? "I practise as usual, listen to music and play in concerts" explains André. "Sometimes I take a break to have a walk too".

Aside from ensuring that he doesn’t forget to bring his cello to Cologne, André also enjoys reading and will bring something to read with him for the trip. "I will take a book that I am reading in the moment with me, which is the Confuciu's ‘Analectos’," he told us.

You can find out more about André on his profile page (here), or alternatively you can see a video all about him below:

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