"I am really looking forward to meeting the other participants" - Lucie Horsch

"I am really looking forward to meeting the other participants" - Lucie Horsch
Lucie Horsch (Photo: NTR)
The Netherlands -

Lucie Horsch was selected for Eurovision Young Musicians so early that it was in fact over a year ago when she won ‘“Avond van de jonge musicus’ in The Netherlands!

Now the days before Cologne are getting shorter, but is Lucie still excited after such a long wait? “Yes of course, until now only healthy nerves” she says. “I am really looking forward to meeting the other participants.”

In preparation for Cologne, Lucie is practicing and also inviting people to watch her. “Apart from the normal practice, we planned a few try outs of the whole program. I can then invite friends who can’t all come to Cologne” she explains. “I’ve also had an extra-long lesson at my teacher’s house instead of at the conservatory.” In between all of the practice, Lucie is also taking her mind off the competition. “Of course I also try to keep my mind busy with other things like going for walks, reading, watching films, shopping and seeing friends, not to mention piano playing and schoolwork.”

Lucie will be sure to pack her recorder for the trip across the border to Germany for Young Musicians 2014. She enjoys the experience of going abroad, so doesn’t usually take things from home with her. “I like to be abroad, I love to travel, with my brother and my parents, so I never take particular things with me from home. I always miss our cats though but unfortunately I can’t take them with me!

You can read more about Lucie on her profile page (here), or see a short clip about her at home in The Netherlands below!

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