"I dream of performing with great musicians in big concert halls" - Dominik Wagner

"I dream of performing with great musicians in big concert halls" - Dominik Wagner
Photograph: Anna Ullrich
Vienna, Austria -

Austria has a proud tradition in Eurovision Young Musicians, having won the competition five times, the most recent being the 2014 edition. Vienna has also hosted the event six times over the past 34 years. This year 19 year old Dominik Wagner, a double-bass player from Vienna, has been chosen to defend the title in Cologne.

Dominik began playing the cello at the age of five and at ten he moved to the double bass. Since the autumn of 2015 he has studied at the Nuremberg Music Academy, where he is part of the special track for highly gifted young musicians.

Dominik made his debut on stage in 2007. Since then he has given concerts as a soloist with the South-West German Chamber Orchestra Pforzheim, the Polish Chamber Philharmonic, the Opera Studio Orchestra Lviv, the Brandenburg Symphonic Orchestra, the Kursächsische Philharmonie, the Southern Czech Philharmonic and other ensembles.

When asked about who his favourite composer is, he replies "There are too many great composers. I could never decide who my favourite is". Dominik is ambitious and aims high; "I dream of performing with great musicians in big concert halls".

Dominik's favourite books are from the Bartimaeus Sequence, a series of children's novels of alternate history, fantasy and magic, written by Jonathan Stroud. He would like to travel to Japan one day; " I like the Japanese culture, the people and the food", he adds.

In 2015 Dominik joined the “Mutter’s Virtuosi” ensemble, and in March 2016 he received a scholarship from the Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation. In May he was chosen to represent Austria in Eurovision Young Musicians which takes places in Cologne, Germany on Saturday 3rd September.

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