"I'm sure it will be unlike anything else I've experienced before" - Sonoko Miriam

"I'm sure it will be unlike anything else I've experienced before" - Sonoko Miriam
Sonoko Miriam Shimano Welde (Photo: Nadia Norskott)
Norway -

It’s 19 days to go until the grand final of Eurovision Young Musicians 2014. Before then, the delegations of 14 countries will fly in to Cologne, and each participant will also perform to the jury in the pre-round.

Representing Norway this year is 18-year old Sonoko Miriam Shimano Welde, who comes from Bergen. As one of the older contestants in this year’s competition, she has some 13 years of experience playing the violin.

Sonoko Miriam won through the Norwegian selection process Virtuos, being five other constants in the final round. “I'm very excited to go to Cologne and to be a part of this big musical party!” says Sonoko Miriam excitedly. “I'm sure it will be unlike anything else I've experience before”.

Like all of the participants, Sonoko Miriam is now busy getting ready for her trip to Cologne, and practicing her pieces. “I'm preparing by practicing and getting inspired by all kinds of things and people” she says.

Of course the one thing that all of this year’s participants cannot forget to pack is their instrument, in Sonoko Miriam’s case her violin – but that isn’t the only thing that will be at the top of her list of things to pack! “I will definitely bring my iPad so that I can watch movies, and listen to music to relax” she told us.

You can find out all about Sonoko Miriam on her profile page (here), or watch a video about her below:

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