Meet Our Composer... Mark Adair

Meet Our Composer... Mark Adair
Mark Adair Conducting Rehearsals (c) Elena Volotova
Cologne, Germany -

Our group piece composer Mark Adair had a talk with us about his career and the special composition our Young Musicians will premiere on Saturday night and here is what he told us:

It is amazing to compose the group performance, we’ve obviously got some of the finest musicians from all over Europe and it’s an absolute privileged to write for them. It’s fun because it’s quite a unique ensemble having had no choice over who’s in the ensemble whatsoever.

I’ve always been interested in composition, I’ve always enjoyed performing in groups and ensembles but I’ve never been an amazing solo performer. I’ve always enjoyed creating music that’s what inspires me creating music for other to play. I have a background in film and television music and music in the theatre and I perhaps compose things slightly different than a contemporary classical composer.

When it came to writing the composition I knew the instruments would be presented to me and I wouldn’t have any say over who they are. I decided to go down a slightly folk instruments route because of the guitars, the accordion the recorder. With the accordions they have a slightly French flavour or Argentinian flavour with the waltz sections, the guitars have a little bit of a flamenco feel it’s sort of drawing on different instruments that were born of the instruments in the ensemble above all I want it to be something the audience will enjoy, its needs to be something they can grab hold of.

It’s been brilliant I couldn’t ask for a more talented group of musicians it was interesting getting them to play it cold on the first day the first hour of the first rehearsal was not great but that’s expect. They were playing it infinitely better form the start today.

The process has involved scoring it to begin with creating a mock-up of the score using sampled instruments on the computer and then I created the notation form that in software sent them all the parts also sent them the audio of each individual part and the full score in the computer mock up to give them an idea in their heads so they don’t just have to read the score fully.

It will be enjoyable for the audience to see the participants play together. They’ve got to collaborate on something rather than just been competitors. I hope that spirit and energy is portrayed to the audience on Saturday night.

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