Meet Our Orchestra… WDR Symphony Orchestra

Meet Our Orchestra… WDR Symphony Orchestra
Cologne, Germany -

The Eurovision Young Musicians Contest would be nothing without the sheer force and majesty of the orchestra that accompanies it and this year we have one of the best to support our musicians in their performances.

The WDR Symphony Orchestra, based in our beautiful host city of Cologne has been in existence for over 65 years the WDR is one of the most important broadcast orchestras in the world.

The orchestra have received raving reviews for their performances of works by Shostakovich, Strauss, Verdi and Wagner. They have toured across Europe, America and Asia giving the orchestra a strong international reputation.

The orchestra have also been used for premiers of works by contemporary composes as well as performing with renowned composers Berio, Stockhausen and Stravinsky all of whom worked first hand with the orchestra. Alongside its more contemporary output the orchestra is also highly competent in more historical west art music, with particular emphasis on the Baroque and Classical eras.

The orchestra has received accodlades, including recent awards form Gramaphone magazine and Deutsche Schalleplattenkritik for the recording f their performance of Mahler’s Ninth Symphony in Cologne under current resident conductor Jukka-Pekka Saraste. They also have recorded works by Stravinsky, Schoenberg and Brahms.

The WDR Orchestra are the perfect accompaniment to our young soloists and we are sure this won’t be the last collaboration between them.

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