"Practise, practise, and a little more practise" - Gergely Devich

"Practise, practise, and a little more practise" - Gergely Devich
Gergely Devich (Photo: MTVA, Nagy Zoltán)
Budapest, Hungary -

Only 18 days are left now until the Grand Final of Eurovision Young Musicians in Cologne, where 14 musicians will be taking part, and one of them will be crowned the 16th winner of this competition.

Hungarian broadcaster MTVA internally selected young Gergely Devich to represent them in this year's edition of Eurovision Young Musicians. Gergely is 15 years old, and he plays the cello.

Slightly over a week before his trip to Cologne, Gergely says: "I'm eagerly looking forward to this Contest, although I think that before having to step on the stage, I will feel a little bit more excited, just how it should be". Gergely is getting ready to play his selected pieces together with a big orchestra, and his everyday life has become "Practise, practise, and a little more practise. When I'm done with that, then a little bit more practise. And checking out the Cologne guide book."

Of course the one thing that all of this year’s participants cannot forget to pack is their instrument, in Gergely’s case his cello – but that isn’t the only thing that will be at the top of his list of things to pack! "I will surely bring some kind of a gadget, where I can follow the Roland Garros tennis tournament in Paris, which will be happening at the same time, and hopefully I will be able to watch a game or two."

You can find out more information about Gergely on his profile page (here), or watch a video about him right here:

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