Pre-round rehearsal: Group One

Pre-round rehearsal: Group One
Small Broadcasting Studio / Photo: EBU (Elena Volotova)
Cologne, Germany -

This morning saw the pre-round rehearsals of the first seven musicians here in Cologne. The musicians from Norway, Croatia, Malta, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria and the Netherlands had their rehearsals this morning in the small broadcasting studio.

Seven musicians played their pre-round pieces for the first time in the small broadcasting studio in WDR Funkhaus. Kurt Aquilina from Malta said that his first rehearsal was very good, that he got a good grasp of the environment, and that everything is sounding nice and good. Ziyu He from Austria is also very happy with his rehearsal, and he said that he sees where he can still improve a little bit. Urban Stanič from Slovenia said that the piano is really good, and that he could play the sounds exactly the way he wanted. Gergely Devich from Hungary added that the studio is fantastic, it wasn't too cold nor too warm, it was very pleasant, and the sound in the studio is just perfect. Sonoko Miriam from Norway also added that the studio was better than she would have thought, that she was happy to have had her rehearsal, and now the next time when she needs to play at the pre-round, it won't come as a shock.

They also had a rather busy day yesterday, when they practised the group piece all together with the composer of the common piece, Mark Adair. Sara Domjanič from Croatia said that it was a lot of fun to play all together with the other musicians, and that Mark is very much fun, and that this was the best experience of her life so far. Gergely Devich from Hungary said that everyone was in such a good mood, and that it was an amazing feeling to play together with all the other musicians, and that they are becoming all very good friends. Lucie Horsch from the Netherlands added that the piece they played together is really good, that it's a bit like Pirates of the Carribean, and she thinks that the instruments come out very well together. Urban Stanič also said that it is a very interesting idea to play together with all the musicians, and that even though they had slight problems at the start, they managed to play the piece all together perfectly very soon after. Kurt Aquilina also said that Mark's composition is amazing, that he is a great composer, and he also said that all the musicians were in good hands with Mark.

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