Pre-Round Rehearsal: Group Two

Pre-Round Rehearsal: Group Two
The pre-round studio (Photo: EBU / Elena Volotova)
Cologne, Germany -

This morning our second group participants have been rehearsing in the hall for the pre-round which will see our young musicians play in front of the Jury.

This was a chance for the second group to practice in the room they will perform in and get used to it’s space, sounds and feel. Many of young musicians commented on how they like the space. Martin said that the space was good for him as he thinks it’s very small and he loves small places. Livyka said that she thought the hall was wonderful and was nice and energetic. Vassilis also liked the room particularly the lights after having what he though was a good rehearsal.

Batosz felt that the acoustics in the room suit his accordion well and having had a good night’s sleep will be on top form to perform. Albin said that he didn’t like the acoustics for his instrument but feels he will perform well this afternoon. Andre form Portugal is looking forward to performing this afternoon saying that he think it will be cool to play in front of the audience and the jury. Judith is looking forward to hearing the other musicians and hopes to make friends with them.

You can watch the pre-round show on demand by clicking: here.

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