Steering Group meets in Cologne

Steering Group meets in Cologne
The City of Cologne
Cologne, Germany -

The Steering Group of Eurovision Young Musicians met last week in Cologne to finalise the rules and plans for this year's competition.

So, what's new in 2014?

No more semifinals

The biggest change to the format for Eurovision Young Musicians 2014 is that there will not be a semifinal, but a 'pre round'. This means that all of the 14 musicians will perform during the final!

The pre round will take place on the 26 and 27 May, and will be streamed live here on Whilst there are no qualification places to fight for, the jury will be watching the performances and scoring each musician. This score will be added to the score for the performance during the Grand Final (31 May) to decide the three prize winners.

Running order

The running order for this year's shows will be decided by the Conductor in consultation with the Production team and Steering Group.

Performance length

Each musician may play for up to 15 minutes during the pre round, and a maximum of five minutes in the final.

Who is on the Steering Group?

Danica Dolnar of RTVSLO has been elected to the Steering Group for the next two years. You can find out more about the Steering Group by clicking: here.

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