Two years on: with Lucie Horsch

Two years on: with Lucie Horsch
Lucie performing in Cologne (Photo: EBU / Elena Volotova)
Netherlands -

Lucie Horsch represented The Netherlands in 2014, playing the recorder - an instrumental slightly unusual for the Eurovision Young Musicians competition. Having impressed at the event, we caught up with her to see how she is doing now.

"Personally I remember preparing myself for the event and wanting to do really well as I felt a responsibility towards my own country. I have great memories from my time in Cologne, meeting so many nice people from different countries all over Europe and sharing the experience with them," says Lucie of the experience in 2014. "Also I’m still very grateful for the warm support of the orchestra and the conductor."

Taking part in an event like this was good practice for the demands of performing a lot in short spaces of time, as Lucie reveals. "First of all, taking part made me work really hard. And after having had such an intense week, a lot of concerts seemed easier" she told us, before revealing that her participation has led to lots of performances abroad. "Though the competition wasn’t broadcast in the Netherlands, I did get many invitations for concerts and festivals abroad, because people in other countries had seen me on television."

And where were those performances? "Last year I was invited to play concerts during a festival in Norway. Also I performed during the Next Generation festival in Bad Ragaz, where I met a few of my friends from Eurovision Young Musicians again," she says. "This year I made my Canadian debut with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra. Last but not least I signed a contract with Decca Classics, with whom I’ve recently recorded my first CD!"

As we already know from a previous piece in this series, the Netherlands/Norway bond lives strong from 2014. "I’m still in touch with most of the participants from 2014 through Facebook. I’ve become close friends with Sonoko, who even came to Amsterdam, where we performed a Bach double concerto together" Lucie told us.

Finally, what would Lucie say to this year's contestants? "I guess my advice would be to enjoy everything around the event as much as possible and to try to forget that it is a competition."

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